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Cowhide and Tooled Cantle Bag

Cowhide and Tooled Cantle Bag

Cantle bags are handy things to have with you on your rides. They hold all those things you might need at one point or another, such as drinks/snacks, hoof pick, lead rope, gloves, raincoat, fly mask, bug spray, etc. It keeps it all tucked out of your way at the back of your saddle, yet you're still able to reach back and grab what you need.

Measures approx 16" long, 5" wide, 4" high.

Long latigo ties to tie either onto your saddle Ds or onto your rear cinch rigging. For english saddles, you can loop the ties around your girth billets.

Made from Crazy Horse leather, it is tanned with waxes and oils making flexible yet durable and weather resistant.

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