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About Me


 Hello! My name is Ashley Rezka and I am the cowgirl behind Timberline Cowgirl. The name comes from our farm, Timberline Farm, where we raise grass fed beef cattle, grow organic garlic, make all natural soap, produce maple syrup and now- Leather goods! 

Our farm is home to 70+ cattle, 2 horses, 4 cats, 5 chickens, 1 cockatiel and 1 rabbit all on 149 acres here in Harriston, Ontario.

The leather working all started in 2019 when my partner, the Timberline Farmer, gave me a leather working kit from Tandy Leather. I had wanted to try making my own horse tack, as I thought I could save some money making it myself. I spent the next long while reading books, watching countless YouTube videos and seeking advice from experienced leatherworkers to gain as much knowledge as I could, it became my "pandemic passion." After a lot of practice I realised I most enjoy making items that can be used for any occasion, as well as when working with horses. Now, I've honed my skills, found my niche and built this business around it from the ground up. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them!

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